Heating and Cooling Accessories


Aabbott Ferraro offers a wide range of Honeywell thermostats to fit your needs, from a simple non programmable model, like the Focus Pro 5000 to the Honeywell Prestige IAQ, that gives you full access to your comfort system from you smartphone, tablet or PC… read more


Aabbott Ferraro can install a humidifier in your home. We have a wide variety of makes and models for you to choose from. Browse some frequently asked questions to see if a humidifier will work in your home… read more

Chimney Liners

A chimney liner is an aluminum pipe that is installed in a masonry chimney to protect the clay liner from furnace and water heater exhaust gases. When furnace and water heater exhaust gases travel up a masonry chimney they start to cool down and condense. The condensation that forms is acidic. The acidic condensation corrodes the clay liner in the masonry chimney and then starts eating away at the mortar… read more

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