Aabbott Ferraro can install a humidifier in your home. We have a wide variety of makes and models for you to choose from. Browse some frequently asked questions to see if a humidifier will work in your home.

What is the Purpose of a Humidifier?

Whole house humidifiers increase the humidity level in a home during the winter months. In cold weather the combination of dry outside air and your heating system running will dry out the air in your home.

Will I save energy if I use a humidifier?

Yes you will. You can run your thermostat set point 1-2 degrees cooler when you raise the humidity in your home.

Aprilaire Humidifier

What is the ideal humidity level during the winter months?

We like to see homes in the 30-35% range. Any higher and you may run the risk of moisture forming on your windows.

Does every home need a humidifier?

No. Generally speaking, the older the home is the more likely it will need a humidifier. Older homes are draftier and have more dry air from the outside coming into the home. The opposite is true for new homes; they are built so tighlyt that we sometimes need to use an air exchanger to lower the humidity level to prevent moisture from forming on the windows.

How do I know if I need one?

Too Little Humidity

  1. You experience chronic physical symptoms such as sore throats, dry/itchy skin, nose bleeds or sinus irritation.
  2. Your home’s wood floors are shrinking and cracking. Joints in wood furniture are becoming loose or failing.
  3. Wallpaper is peeling, while your paint or plaster is starting to crack.
  4. Annoying and sometimes painful static shocks are common occurrences.
  5. Your thermostat is cranked up, as is your energy bill, but you still feel cold.
  6. Your piano and other musical instruments are falling out of tune.

Too Much Humidity

  1. Your skin often feels clammy, sweaty or sticky.
  2. Musty-smelling odors are invading your living space.
  3. Wood floors, trim or wood furniture is warping or rotting.Paint is peeling.
  4. Condensation, frost or ice have formed on the inside surface of your windows. Water pipes are “sweating”.
  5. Damp spots, or worse, mold and mildew, have formed on ceilings or walls.
  6. Your allergies or asthma have gotten worse due to the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites.

What is the best way to control a humidifier?

The biggest complaint about older humidifiers was that you had to constantly adjust the controller to the current outdoor temperature; this was done to prevent moisture from forming on your windows. Those days are over!

Products like the Aprilaire 600A have a controller that mounts on the ductwork in your mechanical room, it uses an outdoor temperature sensor that adjusts the humidity output automatically, once you find the humidity level you like, you just leave it on that level for the heating season.

The Honeywell Prestige IAQ is a thermostat that uses a wireless outdoor temperature sensor much like the Aprilaire controller but  it gives you full control of the humidifier from your thermostat. When used with the Honeywell gateway, you have the ability to control and monitor your humidifier from your smartphone or tablet.

Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier Control

Honeywell Humidifier

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