Prepping Your Air Conditioner for Fall

Soon, it will be time to put away the shorts and pool toys, and prepare for a few months of chilly weather. Come Sept. 22, fall will have officially arrived, and your air conditioner will get no use until May 2014, at the earliest.

Just like you have to prepare your pool for fall and winter or pack away summer clothes, you’ll have to do some preparations to ensure your air conditioner makes it through the fall and winter. Before fall fully hits the Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Edina areas, have your air conditioner ready for hibernation. Here’s what the Aabbott Ferraro team recommends:

Have all necessary service taken care of

Have you been putting off professional air conditioning maintenance and service in Shoreview? Before the first frost strikes, make sure your system has been fully serviced. The last thing you want to happen is to need the system in May, but it doesn’t work due to a pre-existing issue. Plus, the problem could worsen by next year, which usually ends up costing you more money for repairs.

Keep the outside unit clean

Your outside air conditioner unit can become inundated with animal droppings, dead bugs, dirt, dust and other contaminants. You don’t want these to become permanently affixed to your air conditioner, so take the time to clean out the outside unit, before the cold strikes and these have frozen themselves to important components.

Cover up the outside unit

Since you won’t be using your air conditioning system, there’s no sense in letting the outside unit be exposed to falling branches, snow and other elements. Cover it up with a plastic or vinyl cover, but make sure whatever you choose is waterproof and can fit fully over the entire unit. Make sure to wrap vinyl ropes or bungee cords over the cover to ensure it stays secure.

You may need help prepping your air conditioner for the fall. Aabbott Ferraro can give you the assistance you need. Call us today at (651) 776-7214 or Schedule an Appointment.

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