Air Conditioner Replacement MinneapolisAabbott Ferraro has been a trusted name in air conditioner replacement in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas since 1971. The industry and technology has seen vast change during this time, but the way we serve our customers has not—always focused on you and your comfort, we will get your cooling needs up and running as quickly and efficiently as we can. When your air conditioner is broken, give us a call!

No shortcuts, no cut corners. When it comes to air conditioner replacement, we measure, we calculate, we get the right-sized and powered air conditioner replacement in your home. An AC that is too big or too small can drive up the costs of your cooling bills, and that means more money out of pocket for you to keep your home cool and comfortable during the warm months.

All of our technicians and system designers are experts. Fully trained, they know how to properly handle all air conditioner replacement jobs. You can rest easy knowing that the new air conditioner we install in your home will be the best fit possible.

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Air Conditioner Replacement and More

When you call us to schedule your air conditioner replacement appointment, we will first figure out what size air conditioner you need. There are three main factors we consider: size, efficiency and stages.

The size of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs. It might seem that bigger is always better when it comes to new air conditioners, but this is not the case. An air conditioner that is too big for your home will waste energy and drive up the cost of your electric bill. Plus, it will not be effective at removing the humidity from your home and keeping your home comfortable.

The efficiency rating of an air conditioner tells us how energy efficient the unit is. The higher this rating is, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is.

The staging is what indicates how many levels the air conditioner can operate at. Most are only one stage, but there are plenty of models that are two stages. A two-stage air conditioner will run at a lower level for a longer period of time when the weather is more mild.

With those three factors in mind, our system designer will come up with a plan for your air conditioner replacement. Your new air conditioner will be energy efficient and the best and most practical fit for your home.

Learn More about Air Conditioner Replacement

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