Air Conditioning for Houses with Boilers MN

During the warm summer months, you might be looking around your home and wondering if there is such a thing as air conditioning for houses with boilers in MN.

Thankfully, we here at Abbott Ferraro have an answer for you – yes! There is a simple solution, and it is the Fujitsu ductless mini split.

Homes with boilers do not have the necessary ductwork to have air conditioning installed. And ductwork is very expensive to have installed, not to mention it completely disrupts your household for possibly weeks at a time.

That’s why Fujitsu mini splits are the best option for air conditioning for houses with boilers.

Fujitsu Ductless Mini Splits

These systems are the perfect solution for homes without the required ductwork for central air. They are great for homes of all shapes and sizes, and they work well in home additions too.

And because they require no alterations to your home, the installation process is not disruptive, nor do they infringe on your day-to-day life for too long. After the short installation process is complete, you and your family can be enjoying the cool air in no time!

Plus, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, this type of air conditioning for houses with boilers can reduce energy loss by as much as 30%!

Another reason to choose Fujitsu ductless mini splits is because they can help keep your family healthier. This system can reduce odors, absorb dust and help stop bacteria and mold from growing.

Plus, Aabbott Ferraro was recently awarded a Halcyon Dealer ranking. We are the first Halcyon Dealer in the five-state area, and we are one of only ten in the entire country!

Learn about Air Conditioning for Houses with Boilers

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