Air Conditioning Service Checks Save Owners Money

Summer’s just about over. We’ll still have a few warm days, but the evenings are going to be getting a bit nippy soon. It’s been great to have the air conditioning in Minneapolis on the warm and humid days, but you’ll want to take the chill off as the mercury drops.

As the seasons change from cooling to heating, it’s a good idea to have a service check done on your air conditioning system. It’s amazing how often an air conditioning component can fail when it’s first turned on after sitting idle for several months.

If you have a heat pump, you’ll want to be sure that the reversing valve is switching properly and that the auxiliary heating elements are going to come on when they should.

If you have a gas fired furnace associated with your air conditioning system, it’s extremely important to verify that the heat exchanger has no leaks. A qualified technician can also check that the combustion process is adjusted to ensure that there is no carbon monoxide (CO) being produced. Carbon Monoxide is deadly when inhaled and, in the right concentrations is even explosive.

Your air conditioning filters should be changed regularly; monthly is ideal, but at the very least, they must be changed at the beginning of each of the four seasons. Clean filters not only help to minimize the dust and allergens which can affect your health, but clean, filtered air will help in maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces in your air conditioning system. Clean systems work more efficiently and reduce your operating costs.

If you don’t already have a preventive maintenance and service contract (like our PRO-TUNE), this would be a great time to have your air conditioning system checked out by one of our professional air conditioning technicians. A little preventive maintenance now can save you from having big repair bills later on. Most air conditioning service companies offer preventive maintenance agreements for a small investment that amounts to much less than if you need to have a regular service call. Also, customers with a service agreement usually get priority over other customers when they do need service.

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