Air Conditioning: Which System is Right for You?

All around the Twin Cities metro, from Minneapolis to White Bear Lake, air conditioning systems are running. If you don’t have an air conditioning system, or are thinking about upgrading your current system to one a bit newer, you may not know all of the options you have in front of you. Here are the most common types of air conditioning units, and whether each one may be right for you:

Window Air Conditioners

Ah, window air conditioners. Yes, they are easy to install, but whether they are installed right is another question altogether. If you’re renting, then a window air conditioner is probably the best option for you, as you won’t need to any modifications to the interior. However, window air conditioners are best at cooling only one room, so if you’re looking to cool multiple rooms, then it’s best to think about other possibilities.

Ductless Split Units

We’ve talked a lot about ductless split units and why we’re so found of Fujitsu mini splits. They work especially great for larger areas that need to be cooled. However, they are not the solution to cooling multiple zones of a home or office, and are not meant to be a DIY project. If you are looking for an air conditioner that can do an effective job at cooling one, large area, then a mini split may be the best option. However, if you want to cool all rooms in a home or business, then the next option may be your best choice.

Central air conditioners

Central air conditioners cool multiple rooms and areas all at once. These systems are more expensive than the two listed above, but their energy-saving features means they will pay themselves off in time. Another thing about central air conditioners is they require a great deal of ductwork and other intensive installation and modification, so they are not meant to be installed by novices.

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