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Friendly, honest air conditioning technicians

Isn’t that all people want? Unfortunately we are seeing more and more of our competitors dressing up salesman like technicians and sending them into your home with no intention of fixing your air conditioner before they even walk through your door. Before you know it you are being sold a new air conditioner when your existing air conditioner could have been repaired. Yes, at Aabbott Ferraro we do install new air conditioners for our customers, but only after we have spent the time troubleshooting the issue and presenting all the options to our customers.

Our philosophy is simple, do what’s best for our customer and we will have a customer for life, it’s worked for 40 years, it will work for another 40.

Air conditioning repair services

We repair all brands of:

  • Whole house air conditioning
  • Central air
  • Mini splits
  • ductless mini splits
  • Fujitsu ducted units
  • High velocity air handlers
  • water source heat pumps
  • forced air furnaces
  • heat pumps
  • space heaters
  • garage heaters
  • gas fireplaces
  • air exchangers
  • water source heat pumps
  • humidifiers
  • thermostats
  • bathroom fans
  • kitchen vent hoods
  • make up air units
  • dryer vents
  • safety tests (orsat test)
  • certificate of occupancy test
  • city of St Paul and City of Minneapolis orsat tests

A/C repair MN

Get a Second opinion on Air Conditioner Repair

Our office regularly receives calls from people that just had one of our competitors out and were told they needed a new Air conditioner, then they tell us that “they just had a feeling” the guy was not telling the truth. Listen to your gut feeling, it’s your right to call another company for a second opinion, don’t let a high pressure technician (salesman) force you into a decision with scare tactics. The harder they push, the more suspicious you should be.

5 Things To Check Before You Call For Air Conditioner Repair Service

Clean hvac filter

The Filter

Is the filter clean? Dirty filters will cause the cooling coil above the furnace to ice up and block air flow.

Furnace Power Source


Is the furnace power switch on? This looks like a light switch and is normally on the side of the cooling system.

Home Thermostat

The Thermostat

Is the thermostat turned to cool and is the temperature set point lower than the temperature in the home?

Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

The Coil

Is the coil on the outdoor unit clean and free of cottonwood and dirt?

AC Switch Activation

The Saver Switch

Is your power company turning your air conditioner off with the saver switch? A light will usually be on the saver switch itself indicating this.

Contact us to get air conditioning repair services in the Twin Cities

Get on the schedule today to have your air conditioning repair completed by an experienced technician. Call us at (651) 776-7214 or Contact us Here.