Coleman Appliances in Minneapolis

The Coleman brand is pretty popular here in Minneapolis. Aabbott Ferraro sells Coleman; Minneapolis residents seem to love it for its durability and reliability, but did you know the brand comes from very humble beginnings?

In 1900, W.C. Coleman needed to pay for his final year in law school. So he started selling lanterns to merchants in Oklahoma. Everyone loved these lanterns and their popularity grew over the years. In 1914, Coleman came out with a new lantern: the 300 candlepower lantern, which changed the way rural America lit itself up at night. He went on to form the Coleman Company.

In 1923, Coleman came out with a fold-up camping stove that also became wildly popular. And when the Great Depression hit, Coleman saw yet another opportunity. He created gas floor furnaces and oil space heaters. He also saw another opportunity when World War 2 hit and came out with the GI pocket stove. Thanks to that invention, more than one million GIs had one of these during the war.

So when did Coleman get into the HVAC business? In 1958! He started to design HVAC units for mobile homes and this paved his way into the HVAC industry.

Minneapolis residents have been trusting Coleman for years now, and we here at Aabbott Ferraro appreciate this brand for its reliability. We install and repair Coleman HVAC units for Minneapolis residential customers, and we are especially happy with Coleman’s “no questions asked” warranties. This makes life easier for us and our Minneapolis customers! Plus, Coleman is known for being able to perform in even the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making it ideal for the Minneapolis climate and environment.

If you need HVAC repairs or installations, or you’re interested in finding out more about the Coleman brand and how it can help your Minneapolis home, call Aabbott Ferraro at (651) 776-4799, or you can contact us online to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate on new equipment installations.

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