Fujistu Mini Split Heat Pumps Really Do Work!

Fujitsu Mini Splits sound almost too good to be true: they provide air conditioning, serve as a heat pump during the winter and installing one in your Minnesota requires no ductwork. While it might seem unbelievable, it’s not.

Fujitsu Heat Pumps really do work!

Generally speaking, you can use a properly sized heat pump about half of the heating season. If you have just one unit installed at the top of your stairs then the answer is no!

In the past few years I have talked to several customers who had been using there heat pump as a primary source of heat well into January.

 Below are a few short videos and a brochure from Fujitsu

Mini Split heat pump running in -12F in St Paul, MN
We stopped by a customers house one morning when it was -12F below zero. I used a pipe clamp thermometer to see how much heat it can produce when it’s that cold out. The video was shot in St Paul, MN January of 2012, we are having a mild winter so the Fujitsu air source heat pumps are really paying off! This is another good example of how mini split systems are more flexible than high velocity units.

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Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps work in Minnesota
This is a Interview with Dr Peter Zelles, he had a Fujitsu Heat Pump System installed in his office on Fairview Ave in St Paul, MN 2 years ago by Aabbott Ferraro and then had a second Fujitsu Heat pump System installed this summer for the second level of his practice. He talks about his experiences and energy savings with the air conditioning and Heat pump functions of the Fujitsu.

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Fujitsu mini split heat pumps are a great solution for your heating and cooling needs if you don’t want your home to undergo major renovations. These HVAC units provide quiet comfort to your Minnesota home throughout all the seasons.

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