Ductless Mini Splits St PaulAdvantages and Insight on Ductless Mini Splits

Should you be in the fortunate position of having a ductless air conditioning or heating option within your home, ductless mini splits are a great add-on to your existing system. Ductless mini splits have two primary components: a compressor/condenser situated outside of the home with an air manipulating unit/evaporator housed within the home.
If you are looking for a more efficient means of cooling and heating your home, ductless mini splits would help your St Paul home cost less to keep temperature controlled.

Ductless mini splits are linked with a conduit (containing copper tubing and electrical wiring) which includes a power cable, a condensative drain, refrigerant and necessary suction tubing. In a case where there are multiple air manipulating/evaporator units, each one will possess a thermostat. This, of course, will regulate the temperature to meet requirements in the room in which it is housed.

They are becoming more and more popular options for home owners, especially for those lacking ducts. There are two big advantages to ductless mini splits, they can be easily installed in homes without duct work and can be installed quite simply eliminating the expense and time associated with having ductwork installed.

Ductless Mini Split Advantages

Ductless mini splits offer all of the advantages that a new air conditioning or heating system (central air type) without the hassle of duct installation and subsequent maintenance. Thought of primary as “zone” cooling or heating systems, ductless mini splits can easily become part of your home. The set up that a ductless mini split offers works well in situations where you have rooms that you do not use all that often. You do not have to pay to heat it when you are not occupying it—only heat when in use. You can close off the rooms you do not use!

Upkeep of existing interior design is far easier when utilizing ductless mini splits. The air-handling/evaporator components provide a number of placement options—not always the case when installing other types of add-on systems. Air-handlers/evaporators can be attached to the wall and/or hung from the ceiling. Floor models also exist!

Energy Savings

Energy use in your home is likely not as efficient as it could be. It is bad for the environment, also greatly increases utility bills. Duct-based systems are well-known for using excess energy due to the construction and design—up to 30% of generated cool/heat lost while ambling its way through your ducts. Lacking need for ducts, ductless mini splits are not subject to the same energy losses as are your central air cooling and heating unit.

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