Ductless Splits

Split Air Conditioning – Minneapolis

Are you sick of your noisy wall air conditioning unit? Do you want the comfort of central air, but don’t want to run all the necessary ductwork? A split air conditioning system might to do the trick in your Minneapolis home.

For over 10 years, Minneapolis HVAC contractor Aabbott Ferraro has installed these systems, also commonly referred to as ductless splits. These units are perfect for homes and businesses that do not have a ductwork system, and used most commonly in older homes with a boiler or radiator where installing ducts would cause a major construction project.

We install minisplits from brands like Carrier, Trane and Coleman, and while each maker has its pros and cons, the staff at Aabbott Ferraro prefers Fujitsu Mini Splits for a number of reasons:

  • Safe & Secure
  • Very Energy Efficient & Extremely Quiet Operation
  • Zoning & clean air for each part of your home
  • Doubles as a heat pump in each part of the home
  • Dependable, problem free service
  • Easy Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly

Fujitsu’s HFI System allows up to eight indoor units with only one outdoor unit. If you only need 1-4 indoor units, then the Fujitsu Flex System is a serious option.

Contact us today at (651) 776-7214 or schedule online for a free ductless split estimate to see how minisplits work.