When you need air conditioning service for your Eagan MN home or business, you certainly want to get a technician that knows what they are doing. Aabbott Ferraro has a team of experienced technicians to help. But, in order to minimize damage to your system, you’ll also want to have us, your local Eagan air conditioning experts, perform the service performed as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Eagan

As the beneficiary of a properly working air conditioning unit, you quickly notice when a malfunction has caused the temperature and humidity to become uncomfortable. However, when your HVAC system is not working right, it may not only be causing discomfort, but actual damage could be occurring to your system. You’ll want to have us, Eagan air conditioning technicians, look at your unit as soon as you start to notice problems.

Eagan Air Conditioning Repair

During normal operation, liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator coil where it boils or evaporates to a gas as it removes heat from the conditioned air. All of the liquid is transformed to a gas by the time it leaves the evaporator to go to the compressor.

If a system problem such as insufficient airflow, or a dirty coil prevents enough heat transfer to evaporate the entire quantity of refrigerant, liquid refrigerant can flood back to the compressor. Compressors are designed to compress gas, but liquid does not compress. The result could be physical damage to the compressor. Hermetically sealed compressors are not designed to be repaired by Eagan air conditioning technicians in the field; the only fix available is to replace the compressor. This is a major repair.

Fortunately, modern compressors are designed to minimize, but not eliminate, the chance of this kind of damage occurring. But there is another kind of damage that can occur from liquid flood back.

When the Eagan air conditioning system is working the way it should, the highly polished bearing surfaces on the moving parts of the compressor are being lubricated with a protective film of oil. When liquid refrigerant floods back to the compressor, it mixes with and dilutes the lubricating oil. This would be like diluting the motor oil in your car with gasoline. It won’t take long for the bearing surfaces to start to wear and become rough.

The longer the system operates the greater the wear. Although the problem may be repaired by Eagan air conditioning technicians, some damage has been done. Even though there may be proper lubrication in the future, it won’t be sufficient to prevent the already roughened surfaces from wearing faster than normal. A compressor that might have worked fine for fifteen or twenty years or more, might now fail in just a few years, or maybe only in a few months.

There are other situations where damage could occur to your air conditioning system if you delay repair. For example, let’s say that your HVAC system developed a refrigerant leak and the system pressure became equal with the ambient atmospheric pressure. As the daily temperature fluctuated, the pressure in the air conditioning system would change also. This would cause moisture laden air to be drawn in, where it would react with the refrigerant and oil to form strong acids. The acid could cause damage to any moving surfaces of the compressor and any refrigerant system accessories.

When the air conditioning system is repaired by an Eagan air conditioning technician, the contaminated refrigerant and oil can be replaced and an acid filter kit can neutralize any remaining acid. But, the damage that may have already occurred won’t be obvious until the part fails sometime in the future.

One way to reduce the chances of any of these types of problems from developing is to have regular preventive maintenance service checks performed on your HVAC system by an Eagan air conditioning technician.

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