Many Eagan home and business owners don’t think about their heating system until there is a problem that requires a furnace repair. Except for adjusting the thermostat temperature setting when too hot or too cold, it’s a case of “out of sight, out of mind.”

Sometimes, a furnace repair is unavoidable. Components such as motors and electrical relays can fail just as a light bulb fails. You would expect them to last for many years, and they usually do, but they occasionally will burn out before then.

There are some things that can be done to prevent premature failure of most of your heating system, thereby reducing the likelihood of an unscheduled furnace repair.

Regular Maintenance Can Help Prevent Furnace Repairs

The most obvious is regular air filter maintenance. Some filters, such as those you can pretty much see through, must be changed monthly. A good quality, pleated filter may be OK to go as much as three months before it is replaced. Metal washable filters and electronic air filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Maintaining clean filters can increase the life expectancy of your furnace’s heat exchangers and heating elements. Clean filters do a better job of removing dust and allergens from the air, which translates into better health and a cleaner conditioned space. Your contractor can advise you on the appropriate schedule for the type of filter you have, and the conditions to which it is exposed.

Most people are able to replace their own air filters on a regular basis. Others may not be able to, or may not want to do it themselves. In these cases it becomes desirable or necessary to have someone else do it for them.

Just a few other items that may need attention are the lubrication of motor and fan shaft bearings; checking the condition and tension of drive belts; the integrity of heat exchangers; and the condition and operation of pilot lights and igniters.

Furnace Repair Contractors Can Help

An ideal way to address these issues is to have a qualified Eagan furnace repair contractor make regularly scheduled visits to replace or clean the filters, and perform a brief operating and preventive maintenance inspection of your furnace at the same time. Arranging for a preventive maintenance service agreement is often less expensive than having them visit on a regular service call basis.

The long-term benefits of having a service agreement are savings on energy costs because of greater operating efficiency, fewer unscheduled furnace repairs and extended equipment service life from regular preventive maintenance, and better personal health because of cleaner air. You should expect priority service from your furnace repair company if the unpredictable failure does occur, and you will have peace of mind knowing that they will be there when you really need them.

It’s always best to identify and establish a relationship with an Eagan HVAC service company before a furnace repair is necessary. You should know what services can be provided and whether 24-hour emergency service is available.

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