Furnace Repairs: Common Problems & Solutions

Spring is still two months away, and until the cold fully goes away, you’ll have to depend on your furnace to keep you comfortable. However, if you find it’s not working like it should be, there’s some simple troubleshooting you can do before you give us a call for furnace repair in Minneapolis.

Regular Maintenance

Like any other appliance or piece of technology, it’s important to keep your furnace well maintained. If you haven’t had your furnace inspected for over a year and notice performance issues, contact us for an inspection.


Your furnace is trying to tell you something is not right if you’re hearing it clank, rattle, growl or howl. It could be a crack in the heat exchanger, a transformer that’s loose or the combustion chamber has leftover oil. Each issue can cause grave damages, and should be remedied ASAP.

Blower Running Too Often

If you find that your fan is running too often, there are a few different reasons why it is:

  1. The blower will run without a break if you have it set to on or high. To run it only when needed, change the setting to auto.
  2. Your thermostat could be broken or in need of repair. A damaged thermostat will cause your heating system to run either too much or not enough.
  3. Check your filter. A clogged one can cause your furnace to overheat, and cause the unit to power on and off regularly. Should you find that the filter is clogged or dirty, or if it hasn’t been changed in quite some time, replace it, or you could see bigger problems with your furnace.

Not Enough Warm Air

If your furnace isn’t doing its job like it should be, it’s time to get in touch with Aabbott Ferraro. Whether the problem is airflow reduction or setting the thermostat high and higher, we can figure it out and get your furnace working again.

Call us now at (651) 776-7214 or Click Here to schedule an appointment.

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