Furnace Repairs for Energy Efficiency

You probably want your home to be cozy warm in the winter. But, you probably don’t love the cost of heating your home. You may have a large heating bill due to poor energy efficiency around your home. Some simple home updates and furnace repairs can get you back on the right track in no time. If you live in Minneapolis, furnace repairs are inevitable. When you’re looking a yearly maintenance, or making energy updates, think Aabbott Ferraro.

Furnace Upgrades

According to the Department of Energy, some older furnaces are only capable of operating at 56% to 70% efficiency. Modern equipment has the ability to convert as much as 98.5% of the fuel to heat for your home. These numbers are outstanding. If you have an outdated unit, it may be time to have a new unit installed. But, before you do that, consider taking some steps to make repairs and updates on the unit you currently own. The key to upgraded energy efficiency is understanding where you’re at now, and what improvements can be made.

Whole Home Energy Updates

In conjunction with upgrades and repairs to your furnace, you’ll want to take some time to improve the energy efficiency throughout your home. Without taking some time to make necessary updates, you may be losing the heat anyway. You can have the best furnace in the world, but if the heat it’s producing is escaping through your home, you’re still losing money. Check the seals around your windows, doors and other access points. Also, consider the age of your windows and home exterior. It may be time for some home improvement projects.

Are you in need of furnace repairs in Minneapolis? Give us a call today at (651) 776-7214 or schedule an appointment online.

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