Heating and Cooling Mistakes in Richfield MN

There are all sorts of things that Richfield MN homeowners do to cut down on their home’s heating and cooling costs or to improve appearances. Unfortunately, what they’re really doing is cutting down on their Richfield home’s heating and cooling units’ efficiency causing higher energy bills and a more likely chance of needing expert HVAC repair services.

If you’re about to make a change to your home or want to do something to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your Richfield MN home, here are three common mistakes the Aabbott Ferraro team recommends you avoid:

Don’t close your bedroom doors

Shutting doors in your Richfield home will not save you money on home heating and cooling costs. All it does is restrict the path the air needs to take in order to return to your furnace or air conditioner. This stress can cause your home to suffer from a pressure imbalance, and you might be pulling in unconditioned air, possibly causing problems with heating, cooling and air quality.

Don’t cover up your thermostat

Yes, older or improperly placed thermostats are unattractive. However, covering them up is a bad idea. Doing so will not allow you the ability to read your Richfield home’s indoor temperature or to tell you when the system needs turned on or off. And this inability can lead to inefficient heating and cooling system performance and a compromise of indoor comfort levels. Instead of covering up your older or unsightly looking thermostats, invest in a newer, more aesthetically-pleasing thermostat that can also help to improve energy efficiency in your Richfield MN home.

Don’t close off vents in unused rooms

Since today’s furnaces are high efficiency and well balanced, you don’t want to close off vents in rooms that don’t get that much use. Instead of saving you money, it can end up costing you more and cause an imbalance in pressure, causing conditioned air to be pushed outside your Richfield home, damaging the system by overworking it.

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