Hello, Fall! Preparing Your AC Unit for Autumn

We’re almost into September, and that signals the summer’s swan song. Fall will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking about all you need to do before the temperatures start to drop and the days start to get shorter. Here are a few tips. Hopefully these suggestions will help you avoid major AC repair in St Paul.

If you have a window unit, the only required maintenance to get ready for the fall and winter seasons is to pull it from the window, make sure it’s clean and make sure there are clean filters in it (if the system requires them). It’s that simple!

For central units, changing the filters is a required task. Taking the time to purchase new filters and changing them out with the old ones could save you some money on AC repair in the long run. If you leave a dirty filter in the system, it could lead to clogging later on. Dirt and other grime can cling to the filter.

Inspect the system as well and make sure nothing is broken. Also, clean the outdoor HVAC unit. Make sure there isn’t any debris piled up around it that could clog the unit.

After you switch the central air unit off for the season, cover it. Plastic or vinyl works well, and covering it helps protect it from the harsh outdoor elements. This could also ward off AC repair in the long run. But keep in mind that you should let some air through. If you cover the unit completely, you might end up with a mold issue if the unit cannot be ventilated properly. Checking on the unit regularly throughout the fall and winter is also a great way to potentially fend off AC repair.

For more information on AC repair in St Paul, call Aabbott Ferraro at 612-222-9319, or you can contact us to Schedule an Appointment.

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