Home Improvement Month: Air Conditioning FAQ

May is National Home Remodeling Month, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders. So, while you’re updating and cleaning different areas within your home this month, don’t forget your air conditioning! If you are tackling a home remodeling project, the warmer spring months are a great time of year to make vital improvements. And, one of the most common home improvement projects we help with is installing air conditioning in Maplewood. So we thought we would take some time to answer some of the questions we’ve gotten about central air conditioning.

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Is it alright to install central air conditioning systems any time of the year?
The experts at Aabbott Ferraro can install central AC any time of the year except for the coldest of winter months.

How do I know what size central AC system should be installed in my home?
When we come out to your home, our system designers will take detailed measurements. The designer will include all of your doors and windows in the measurements and will also take the amount of insulation your home has into account. We then input all of this information into a computer program and do the cooling load calculations. This determines the right size system for your home.

How can I save money on my central air conditioning bill this summer?
If you don’t have one already, consider having a programmable thermostat installed. It will allow you to set the temperature in your home to go either go up or down depending on what time of day it is. For example, if you go to work during the day, you can schedule your air conditioning to decrease while you’re gone and come back on a few minutes before you return home.

How can I make sure my air conditioning is running efficiently?
First, it is important to have an inspection of your system to ensure everything is running properly. And, the best thing you can do is make sure to change the filters on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the type of unit you have, but it will generally be every one to three months.

Can you install central AC in my home even if I have a boiler?
While a traditional central air conditioning unit might end up being rather expensive, considering the ductwork needed, there are other options. Have you considered ductless air conditioning? We can install Fujitsu Mini Splits, which is a type of ductless air conditioner that is getting more and more popular these days. It eliminates the need for new ductwork and it offers zone cooling and heating.

Are you ready to learn more about air conditioning for your Maplewood home? Contact Aabbott Ferraro today at 651-776-7214 or you can contact us to set up your Free Estimate.

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