How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning System

As experts in heating and air conditioning in Roseville and the surrounding areas, we are often asked to help with air conditioner replacements. There are a few different factors that go into choosing the best system for your home, so we thought we would give you a brief rundown of these factors and how they affect the type of system we install.

When our heating and air conditioning technician visits your home and figures out that you need a new air conditioner, he will take a few things into consideration to determine what size system to install. For example, he will look at how big your home is, how many windows and doors it has, how energy efficient these windows and doors are, how much shade your home gets, how good your home’s insulation is and what your climate is like. Aabbott Ferraro has been serving this area for decades, so our heating and air conditioning technicians are well-versed in our unique climate and how it affects your air conditioner needs.

Our technician will also take several different measurements during the process of figuring out what size air conditioner to install in your home. One measurement is the square footage of your home and each room in your home. And one of the other measurements he will take into consideration is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner systems available. The unit of measurement used is British Thermal Units (BTUs), and the amount of BTUs per square footage will depend on how big your home is and how big the rooms are in your home.

Also, keep the old cliche in mind: “You get what you pay for.” While it might be tempting to go with the least expensive choice for your new air conditioner system, that might not always be the best bet. The $300 you save on a new system now could mean that you have to spend $500 on a repair later on down the road that might have been prevented with a slightly more expensive system.

We recognize that choosing a new air conditioner can be a confusing task, so that is why we are here to help! Our technicians are professional and well-educated on heating and air conditioning, so they will be able to help you make the right choice.

If you would like more information on heating and air conditioning in Roseville, call Aabbott Ferraro at 612-222-9319 or you can contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

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