Interesting Facts about Furnaces

When it is cold outside, the last appliance you want to break down is your furnace. Furnace repair can sometimes be a hassle, especially if the temperatures have plummeted. A furnace repair company in St Paul, like Aabbott Ferraro, can help when your furnace is on the fritz! Through the years, we have learned some interesting facts about furnaces and furnace repair. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Furnaces are the most common type of home heating system. Furnaces use a variety of fuels to heat your home, but the ones we see the most are natural gas, electricity or oil. Natural gas is the most popular and, according to the United States Department of Energy, these types of furnaces result in heating bills that are about 30% less than electrical furnaces systems.
  • Furnaces (and furnace repair!) have been around for awhile. The first furnaces were built around 1200 B.C. by the Romans. Furnaces are also used for metallurgy like smelting iron, making steel, melting metal and more.
  • When it comes to age, furnaces can get pretty old, as long as you keep up with regular furnace repair and maintenance. They can last several decades with the proper care.
  • There are three main parts of a furnace and if one of them breaks, that can result in furnace repair! The parts are the heat exchanger, the blower and the burner (or heating element if you have an electric furnace). The heat exchanger is what separates the combustible gas from breathable air, the blower sends the breathable air throughout your home’s duct system and the burner (or heating element) is what creates the heat.
  • Local, municipal, state and federal governments all have regulations on how furnaces are installed. A furnace installation and furnace repair company like ours knows these laws and regulations, so we know exactly what to do to properly install a new furnace in your home. These laws and regulations are in place to ensure that a furnace is not a fire or safety risk. They also help make sure that the furnaces are well-installed so they do not stop working or malfunction.

We hope you learned a new few things about furnaces and furnace repair!

Do you need furnace repair in St Paul? Call us at Aabbott Ferraro at 612-222-9319 or you can contact us to Schedule Your Furnace Repair Appointment.

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