Is There Furnace Repair in Your Future?

Autumn is here, more than under way, Halloween is right around the corner. The annual dip in temperatures has already begun. The leaves have started to turn. Get out the sweaters and the jackets, keep the winter coats and gloves at the ready! Your furnace needs some pre-winter love also. To prepare your home for winter, now is the time to make sure that furnace is ready to roll! It is distinctly possible that once you turn on with the greater furnace network within your home that you will discover that it is not working. In such cases, call on Aabbott Ferraro to handle a furnace repair at your Vadnais Heights or nearby home.

To get started, look at your furnace’s filters. Are they soiled? They have likely just sat in their current state the last time you used your furnace, so it stands to reason that they may be loaded with grime. Should this be the case, go buy some new filters. Something as simple as a dirty filter can be the cause of a furnace not functioning properly. Checking the furnaces themselves and changing them out is a great way to avoid having to call HVAC contractors for help. If you change out your filter and things are still all awry, it is time to look into furnace repair.

Eye up the area surrounding your furnace. Has clutter of any sort accumulated around it? If so, get these items away from your furnace. Though the following statement may be beyond obvious to many, remove any and all items that currently sit atop your furnace, as well. The last thing you need is a fire breaking out in your home, especially one started by you.

Check your thermostat to see if it is working correctly. If the thermostat appears to be in a state of disrepair, it tends toward being an easy fix.

Once free of neighboring debris, turn the furnace on and check the air vents. Is warm air blowing out? If you find that what is emitted is cold air (or even no air at all), call in the professionals at Aabbott Ferraro. . Our furnace repair specialists will gladly come to take a look to assess what the problem is.

You also have the option, should you not wish to carry out the above yourself, to contact our furnace repair specialists for a routine inspection, during the fall. We will swing by to ensure the full functionality of your furnace through inspection.

Do you need reliable and professional furnace repair specialists near Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas? For more information on air conditioner repair in Vadnais Heights, call Aabbott Ferraro at (651)776-7214 or you can contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

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