Furnace and air conditioner rebates through most utility companies have been extended through 2014.

Minnesota Furnace Rebates

Xcel EnergyThe AFUE rating of a furnace is represented in a percentage: the higher the AFUE percentage, the more efficient a furnace is. For example, Xcel Energy offers a $50 rebate on a 92% efficient furnace, and a $300 rebate on a 96% or higher furnace. You can see the incentive to buy a higher efficiency furnace.

The type of blower motor you choose will also influence the rebates you receive. A furnace with a factory-installed ECM blower motor will add another $100 on to your rebate with Xcel.

Minnesota Air conditioner Rebates

CenterPoint EnergyUnlike furnaces, air conditioners have two ratings that are taken into consideration: SEER and EER. These ratings are certified by ARI, an independent testing company that tests the outdoor unit, the indoor cooling coil and the furnace blower motor together to come up with the SEER and EER rating. This is why one outdoor unit can have different SEER and EER ratings. For example, a 15 SEER air conditioner installed with a furnace that has an ECM blower will increase the air conditioner to a 16 SEER rating. The same is true for the indoor coiling coil that is used: a larger coil will increase the SEER rating.

We do the filing for your rebates

It is our policy to take care of the rebates for our customers. Our office will fill out all the rebate forms for you. You just sign them during the final walk-through with your system designer and we will drop them in the mail.

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