Mini Splits St AnthonyHave you heard about the many benefits of Fujitsu ductless mini splits? Mini splits for your St Anthony home can offer you all of the advantages of central air conditioning without the need of extensive alterations to your home. There are many different types of mini splits and each one provides many great benefits. Not only can mini splits save you some money, they can also save you the time and hassle sometimes associated with a duct installation. Not only that; mini splits can help reduce your home’s energy loss!

When people hear the term mini splits, they often think of white wall units. These kind of indoor stand-alone systems are a fantastic option for heating or cooling bedrooms, offices and porches. They can even be matched with multi-head and stand-alone outdoor units. While these are a great option in mini splits, there are many types of mini splits including concealed units, multi system units and outdoor units. Here are all of the mini splits we offer:

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Mini Splits by Aabbott Ferraro

At Aabbott Ferraro, we are the mini splits experts. Mini splits are becoming increasingly popular for many home owners, offering ease of usage and installation. They make a great solution for homes of all sizes and there are so many great reasons to have them installed.

For one, if you have a room or two in your home that doesn’t get much use, a Fujitsu mini split system makes a great solution. Why? It allows you the flexibility to heat or cool only certain rooms in the home. Or, if you have a family member that prefers their room warmer or cooler than others, you can heat or cool his or her room individually. Fujitsu mini splits are also unassuming. There are many different mounting options and no matter what kind you choose, it will blend in easily with your home and its décor.

Compared to a duct-based system, mini splits are up to 30% more efficient, as they don’t require ducts. Duct-based systems are known for using excess energy due to heating/cooling loss as the air works its way through the ducts.

Ready for a mini split system in your home? Having them installed is a fairly easy process; just call the experts at Aabbott Ferraro!

Mini Splits and More

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