Aabbott Ferraro repairs and performs maintenance on all brands of mini split systems. Our service technicians are highly trained at trouble shooting problems that other mini split repair companies struggle with. Because of our long history in the ductless mini split market, our service technicians maintain and service all brands of ductless mini splits on a regular basis.

Unfortunately we are finding more and more systems installed incorrectly by other contractors. Every year we take calls from frustrated homeowners asking if it is normal to add Freon to a system yearly. The answer is no. If all the connections in the refrigeration system are done right you should go years without needing to add Freon.

We are also repairing systems that are wired incorrectly. The system will work fine when all the units are set to the cooling mode, but when you try to just use one or two, the systems will not function properly. We have found systems that have been installed for 5+ years and serviced by multiple companies and no one has caught this problem.

In some cases we will bring in our installation team. They will go through the entire system and check:

  1. The refrigeration system is pressure tested for leaks
  2. The electrical connections are hooked up to the right terminals
  3. The condensate drain lines are pitched downhill and are not kinked
  4. The system is charged to the factory specifications
  5. Penetrations in outside walls are sealed properly
  6. The outdoor and indoor units are clean
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Mini Split Maintenance

When ductless mini split systems are installed correctly they provide you with a very efficient way of cooling your home. When they are installed poorly they provide you with a really big headache!

Proper maintenance of your ductless mini split system will:

  1. Extend equipment life
  2. Save energy
  3. Increase humidity removal

Because Ductless mini splits come in some many different combinations of outdoor and indoor units we have a flat rate price per piece of equipment. Please call our office with the number of outdoor and indoor units you have and we can quote you a price for scheduled maintenance.

Contact Aabbott Ferraro today for proper installation and maintenance of mini split units. Call (651) 776-7214 or Contact us Here.