Most Common Types of HVAC System Repair

Establishing a good relationship with a reliable company for greater Twin Cities HVAC repair is very important. The hot summer months are right around the corner, after all. We at Aabbott Ferraro comprehend the importance of having a good relationship with our clients in Woodbury and beyond. Priding ourselves on our quality customer service, we want to make sure the feeling is mutual, that our customers are happy with our service. If your air conditioning system needs a look before kicking into gear this summer, choose us for your HVAC review and repair needs!

The following is a list of the most common HVAC repair types you may encounter for your unit:

• Blown Fuses-Fuses defend the unit’s motor or compressor against overheating. They are found in the evaporator coil.

• Worn Contactor-Three contactors per unit, one for the compressor, one for the condenser fan motor, and one for the blower motor. The contactors connect when there is a need for cooling or heating, setting an electrical connection. This begins to run the compressor and motors.

• Capacitors- The run capacitor helps the motors run at consistent speeds, rated in microfarads. The start compressor provides a brief increase in starting torque.

• Gas valve- The gas valve meters the gas flow from your gas line to your system. Only used during the heating season.

• Filters-Filters air particles. Change it out once dirty. One way to tell if the filter needs to be changed is to hold it up to the light and see if you can see light pass through it.

• Thermostat- This is the device that tells the system what to do and when to do it, at what temperature both heat and cool kick on when set for such.

• Drain lines- Drain line frequently become blocked with dirt or algae.

• Refrigerant leak- Refrigerant leaks occur with vibration of the unit during operation.

• Compressor- The heart of the A/C unit, located with the condenser coil.

• Condenser Coil- Located outside, along the compressor. Exposed to the outdoor elements, they often get dirty and should be cleaned at least yearly.

• Evaporator Coil- On split systems the evaporator coil is located in the attic, but on a package unit it is located outside with rest of the unit. If the coil is located inside, cleaning will only be necessary if suggested and should only be about every three years or so. If the evaporator coil cracks, an HVAC professional will need to fix the break.

So for an HVAC repair near Woodbury and the greater Twin Cities metroplex, contact us or call Aabbott Ferraro at (651) 776-7214 or Schedule an Appointment. You can even Request a Free Estimate on new installations!

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