Prepare the Furnace for the Winter Warming Season

Are you prepared for the cooler months? Autumn is almost upon us and soon you’ll need to start thinking about heating your home. Don’t wait until that first cold night to find out your furnace is not working. Prepare to turn on your furnace for the fall today by scheduling some preventative furnace maintenance in St Paul. Our team of heating and cooling experts will be able to make sure your unit is in good shape for the cooler months.

First Things First

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, you’ll want to take some simple steps. First, turn the heat up in your home, high enough for the heat to kick on. Do a visual check of your furnace and use your best judgment. What looks normal? What looks abnormal? If your furnace is emitting a funny smell or making a horrible noise, then something’s out of the ordinary. If your furnace is running smoothly it should:

  • Turn on and stay on
  • Run quietly
  • Be free of black buildup, or soot
  • Be free of rust spots
  • Not be cracked or broken

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Whether you think your furnace is running smoothly or not, it is still prudent to schedule an appointment for an annual inspection. Some preventative maintenance now can save you big time in the long run. Any damage that is found can be repaired before the problem worsens. It is possible for your furnace to harbor harmful toxins and chemicals that spread around your house and will possibly make you and your family sick. Avoid this and other scenarios by having your furnace inspected now.

Need help prepping your furnace for winter? Give us a call today at (651) 776-7214 or schedule an appointment online.

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