Richfield MN Heating and Cooling Myths Dispelled

At Aabbott Ferrraro, we know there are a lot of misconceptions around Richfield MN about heating and cooling. We want to set the record straight on some of the most popular and common heating and cooling myths we’ve heard.

Heating and Cooling Myth #1: As long as my Richfield heating and cooling system is running, everything is ok.

This is not necessarily true. If your heating or cooling unit completely stops running, that is a pretty good indication that it is not working, but that is not the only indicator. Your heating and cooling systems need to be checked regularly. This is especially true if you have an older system with older parts. You may have silent ongoing problems that only get worse with time.

Heating and Cooling Myth #2: If I close the heating vents in rooms I’m not using, I will save on my heating bill.

This is an outdated practice. It was applicable when Richfield families used fire places as their only source of heat. This doesn’t work today with modern heating systems. It actually tricks the heating system into working harder. The heating system can not accurately register the temperature in the home and will constantly work to regulate it, even though it can’t.

Heating and Cooling Myth #3: Dramatically turning the thermostat up or down will speed up the rate at which my home is heated or cooled.

So, you come home from work and your home is a little chilly, so you crank the thermostat up to 90 degrees to speed up the warming process. This doesn’t help the rate at which your home is warmed. The purpose of the thermostat is to tell the heating and cooling systems to kick on until the home registers whatever temperature you set it for. This means that your heating and cooling system will only warm up to 70 degrees as fast as it normally would, had you set it to 70 degrees in the first place.

Need us to set the record straight on other common things you’ve heard about heating and cooling? Call us today at (651) 776-7214 or visit our website for more information.

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