Spring Cleaning for Your Heating & Air Conditioning

With the warmer, wonderful weather of spring also comes spring cleaning. Don’t leave your heating and air conditioning out! It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to prepare your heating and air conditioning systems for the months ahead. While you may think it’s a bit early, the beginning of spring is a great time to get started. Because you know what comes next; summer!

From having your furnace inspected for next year, to replacing your air conditioning’s air filter; there are many things you can do to prepare your systems. We specialize in heating and air conditioning in Shoreview and the surrounding areas and can help you get your systems prepared for the hot, the humid and the unexpected. Here are some tips from the heating and air conditioning professionals at Aabbott Ferraro to help you prepare.

heating and air conditioning

Schedule a tune-up. Simply give us a call and we can make sure everything is running efficiently for the spring and summer; making it less likely to break down on a hot day. When it comes to heating and air conditioning, it is important to schedule preventative maintenance. A tune-up is a great way to ensure all of your systems are in working order.

Have your furnace inspected. While it may not seem like it, spring is actually a great time of year to have an inspection. After a winter of hard work, your heating system could use the extra care. And, the warmer weather means you won’t be in urgent need of it for a while in case repairs or maintenance need to be done. Preparing ahead of time means you won’t be caught without heat next winter.
The professionals at Aabbott Ferraro are prepared to inspect your furnace and ensure that it’s up and running for next year.

Check your efficiency. This will help your heating and air conditioning to better cool and heat your home and help you save you money. First, have your air conditioning filter replaced. This can improve your air quality and your system’s efficiency. And, be sure to check your air filter every 30 days during the summer. Have your heating and air conditioning specialist also check for any leaks. Having any leaks in your ductwork repaired will also help with your system’s efficiency.

Consider an upgrade. Is it time to update your old heating and air conditioning? Having your old system replaced by a newer, more efficient one could save you money on your heating and air conditioning bills. Don’t have a programmable thermostat? This is key to a more eco-friendly home! Have one installed and you can possibly lower your bills; set the temperature to run less when you’re not there and save some energy!

For more information on heating and air conditioning in Shoreview, call Aabbott Ferraro at 651-776-7214 or contact us to Schedule Your Appointment.

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