Things to Check for Before Calling for Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator repair may be necessary if you take something out of the refrigerator, and it is not as cold as you expected. But don’t make the call yet. There are a few things that you can easily check in just a few minutes.

If your Shoreview refrigerator has been working okay until now, and this is a sudden change, check to see that there is power. If the light is on inside the refrigerator, the power is okay. But if not, the unit may be unplugged. If the appliance has recently been moved for cleaning, the plug may be out. If it is plugged in, and it is not running, and the light is out, the circuit breaker may have tripped at the main electrical panel. If the power supply is good and the thermostat is set to operate, then you probably need to call for refrigerator repair service.

Did you notice if the door was completely closed? If it wasn’t, that could certainly cause everything to warm up quickly. It doesn’t have to be wide open. Even a fraction of an inch open would allow a tremendous amount of warm room air to replace the cold air inside your refrigerator. Someone may have just forgotten to close the door.

Sometimes the level of the refrigerator needs to be adjusted so it leans back very slightly. This can assist the door in wanting to close on its own. Another likely scenario happens when an item is put into the refrigerator, but it didn’t go in quite far enough to allow the door to close fully. You can take care of these problems yourself and avoid calling for a refrigerator repair visit.

If you’ve notice that it’s been gradually getting warmer over a period of time, you might check that the condenser coils under, or in back of the unit, are clear of dust and debris. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. Then check the temperature control settings for the refrigerator and freezer sections. They are usually clearly marked and easy to set.

One last thing to check is that the items in the refrigerator and freezer sections are not blocking the vents that allow the cold air to circulate. If they are, just rearrange the contents to allow free air passage.

If none of these suggestions solve the problem, then you probably need to have a professional check it out. You can contact Aabbott Ferraro at (651) 776-4799 for an expert refrigerator repair in Shoreview MN or anywhere else in the Twin Cities area.

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