Tips for Reducing Your Heating & Cooling Bill

With energy costs ever increasing, North Oaks homeowners are spending more and more on heating and cooling their homes. Estimates suggest 50% of energy bills are for heating and cooling costs alone, and with rates going up, many are looking for ways to cut down on these bills, but not at the loss of comfort. Here are simple ways you can reduce your home’s heating and cooling bills:

Have your equipment regularly maintained

It’s neglected by many, but by having your equipment undergo routine maintenance twice a year can help save money. The check up makes sure the system is working properly and effortlessly, and will help to avoid unwanted breakdowns. The maintenance should include:

  • Checking the air conditioning system in the spring before frequent use
  • Looking at the furnace in the fall before it’s used frequently
  • Monthly changes to air filters
  • Cleaning and clearing obstructions from the condenser unit

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Fujitsu Heat Pumps

Fujitsu heat pump on snow stand

New equipment

Older heating and cooling units should probably be replaced with newer models. While there is the upfront cost, newer equipment, especially those that are Energy Star rated, can often pay itself off with the savings you see on your heating and cooling bills.Another thing worth looking into is the installation of a programmable thermostat. It’s relatively inexpensive, but does wonders for increasing energy efficiency in your home. The thermostat will allow you to custom program a heating and cooling schedule, thus ensuring thermostat changes are done accordingly, even if you’re not home.Thinking about upgrading your HVAC system? Click here to get a free estimate.

Sealing and insulation

Your heating and cooling system can be impacted by insulation in walls and ceilings, and door and window sealing. Properly seal doors and windows by making sure to cover spaces for air to leak in and out.

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