‘Tis the Season to Count Your Blessings

If you have a working heating system in your home, count your blessings. You are among the lucky ones with the gift of a heating system in your home. Thanks to high unemployment numbers and the shakiness of today’s economy, many Americans have difficulties heating and cooling their home properly. Aabbott Ferraro has some suggestions to help you keep your heating system in good working order, ensuring that your gift of a heating system keeps right on giving.

  • Something as simple as replacing the filters can help keep your gift of a heating system working well. These filters help trap everything from lint to mold to dust to pet dander and keeps them from polluting the air in your house and congesting your heating system.
  • Make sure your duct work is clean. But if your gift of a heating system isn’t giving like it should, it’s time to call in the experts at Aabbott Ferraro.
  • If your thermostat is outdated, buy a new one. These will help ensure your heating system is running only when it’s needed and the temperature readings are as accurate as possible.
  • Be sure to perform a carbon monoxide test and get carbon monoxide detectors. These could help prevent injuries and save lives in your home. The peace of mind that there’s no carbon monoxide in your home is a better gift than anyone could give.

The gift of a heating system is a special one, especially now that it’s cold and snowy outside. If you take care of these basic maintenance issues, you can be sure the gift of a heating system is one that will continue for years to come.

Call Aabbott Ferraro for all of your heating and cooling needs at (651) 776-4799, request a free estimate or schedule an appointment.

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