Use Your Air Conditioning System Efficiently

Living in St. Paul, air conditioning and heating systems are normally responsible for the majority of your utility costs. With fuel and energy costs constantly rising, reducing the cost of heating and cooling your home is one of the most effective ways to cut your expenses.

You really only need to operate your HVAC system on the very hot and very cold days. But when the weather is mild, you should consider turning the system off and opening the windows. Years ago, open windows were the norm when the weather was nice. Opening the windows will allow healthy fresh air to replace the old polluted air that tends to circulate in a closed up house. And, you might save up to ten percent of your air conditioning costs for the year by not using it when you really don’t need it.

Another way to save on energy costs is the practice of setting the thermostat back when no one is home. When your home will be unoccupied for more than two or three hours, set the thermostat ten degrees lower in the winter, or ten degrees higher in the summer.

If you have a programmable thermostat installed, it can be programmed to change the set points automatically for those times when everyone is usually at work or school, and then automatically change back twenty or thirty minutes before you come home to a comfortable house.  This can save you anywhere from ten to twenty percent of your air conditioning energy costs.

A lot of air can leak past worn or missing weather stripping around doors and windows. And for homes that have a fireplace, open or improperly sealed dampers can be responsible for lots of lost energy. A home that is properly sealed will be more energy efficient, but can also trap pollutants.

A good way to ventilate your home while conserving energy is to have a whole house energy recovery ventilator installed. This is basically a heat exchanger that conserves energy by using exhausted air to bring the outside air temperature close to the inside air temperature before it enters your home.

At Aabbott Ferraro, we specialize in residential heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance services in the St. Paul area. Contact us today by calling (651) 776-7214 or Request a Free Estimate. We can help ensure that you are getting reliable and efficient service from your air conditioning system.

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