What to Think about When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

When you hear that you need a new air conditioner, it can be pretty stressful. You need to make sure that the HVAC contractors you hire will do the job right the first time and that your new air conditioner will not cost you any more than it needs to. Aabbott Ferraro specializes in air conditioner replacement in St Paul. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you hear you need an air conditioner replacement.

  • Ask the technician who comes to your home how he will go about determining what size air conditioner your home needs. The technicians from Aabbott Ferraro take a variety of measurements, and we also make sure to consider the type and quality of insulation that your home has, as well as how many doors and windows your home has, among other factors. But if a technician ever says that he’s just going to replace your air conditioner with a unit that is the same size as your current one, that can be a red flag. Make sure the technician takes measurements and does everything else he should to ensure the right size unit is put in during the air conditioner replacement process.
  • Our technician will also tell you about your new unit’s SEER rating. SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio.” It is what tell us how energy efficient the unit is, so the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the unit will be. Make sure your new air conditioner has as high of a SEER rating as possible for your home’s cooling needs.
  • If you are more interested in zone cooling and heating, then you might want to consider ductless air conditioners. These are also great for people whose homes do not have ductwork. With ductless air conditioners, you get all of the cool comfort of an in-home air conditioner but without the expense and hassle of having ductwork installed.
  • During the air conditioner replacement process, the technician should also test for duct leakage. This test will determine whether or not your home’s ductwork could use a little TLC. After all, you don’t want to lose the cold air your new air conditioner produces through your ductwork!

Are you interested in learning more about air conditioner replacement in St Paul? Call Aabbott Ferraro at (651) 776-7214 or you can contact us to set up your Free Estimate.

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